Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

The Trial


Life once again settles into a semblance of normalcy in TEKville after the baby's christening party.  Vasquez confesses to Diego and Colette and is forgiven for abducting the baby, but he is too ashamed to contact Jes.  She is very subdued and withdrawn, spending most of her time brooding alone at the bungalow and avoiding TEKville's gathering places like the plague.  Jessy's cousins and her friend Giselle continue to be concerned about her, but she hides from them the fact that her depression has manifested itself in physical illness.

Shortly after the christening party, a couple of strangers appear in TEKville.  They look vaguely familiar, and a few TEKvillians recall seeing them from time to time over the past few months, but no one remarks upon their reappearance.  At first the strangers do not interact with the locals, seemingly content to merely observe.  Their eyes are watchful, and not much that goes on in TEKville escapes their notice.  Gradually they begin to approach certain residents.  They ask questions, carefully innocuous questions at first, but gradually the questions become more specific.  The strangers can occasionally be observed taking notes and making cell phone calls.

Finally, one afternoon while Jes is alone at the bungalow, ostensibly watching a movie but not actually paying much attention to it, there is a knock at the door.  Tempted to ignore it and intent upon remaining a recluse, at first Jes simply sits and stares. 

The knocking does not abate and Ivy's barking becomes more insistent, so eventually Jes glances at the door and sees two strangers in suits on her doorstep.

Jes breaks out in a cold sweat as she takes in the men, their suits, their demeanor . . . . Oh, no.  NO.  Not now, oh please not now!

She straightens and squares her shoulders, steeling herself against the inevitable, and opens the door.

"Jessica St. Clair?"

"I'm Jes."

"Ma'am, we'd like to ask you a few questions.  May we come in?" 

Jessy sighs.  And so it begins.

With a gesture she indicates to the two men that they can enter.  

"I'm Detective Joseph and this is Detective Butler.  Can we sit down?" 

She asks if they'd like a glass of water, but they both decline.  She sits.  They sit.  Detective Joseph pulls out a notebook and pencil.

"Miss St. Clair, when was the last time you saw your foster father, Noah Fuller?"

The color drains from Jessy's face.  Even expecting it, the words -- once officially uttered -- thoroughly chill her.

"Several years ago, before I left the city."

"And under what circumstances did you last see him?"

Jes stares, thoughts whirling out of control.  She hesitates, the long-rehearsed story on her tongue.  Suddenly she appears to have come to some sort of a decision.

What have I got to lose?  Thane is lost to me forever.  I'm tired of running, and for what?  There is no point in lying.

She squares her shoulders, looks directly at the men, and answers with resolve in her voice:  "I left him in a pool of his own blood after I shot him.  After he tried for the last time to rape me."

The men are momentarily taken aback, having expected lies and evasions, but they are trained investigators and have heard it all.  They look at one another, some silent message passing between them, then rise to their feet.

Detective Butler reaches into his back pocket as Detective Joseph grasps Jes by the arm.

"Miss, I think you'd better come with us."

Handcuffs are snapped around Jessy's wrists, and the men escort her silently to their waiting car, whisking her off to the city for questioning.

To be continued . . .