Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Interlude, page 6:  The Game

Let's back up a few minutes and check on the guys.

Darius is settled with the remote in his hand just as the game begins.  Peter brings in the meat and cheese tray from the kitchen, piquing Ivy's interest.

Just as the game gets under way, footsteps announce Gannon's arrival.

"Hey, Gannon.  You missed some good stuff on Spike TV last night."  Peter winks.

"Hey!  Quiet!  Game's on!"

"We went to see Jes before we came here.  It's really depressing.  She wouldn't even talk to us -- wouldn't even look at us.  Giselle is pretty upset."

"I'd be upset, too.  I'm sure, knowing what I do of the story, that Giselle probably feels partially responsible."


The girls arrive with the fruit and veggie trays from the kitchen.

They settle in to watch the game.


"Gannon, don't you think you should check on Giselle?"

"Where IS Giselle, anyway?"