Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

The Baby Gets a Name


While life has been very chaotic for many of the residents of TEKville over the past few months, Colette and Diego have settled into domestic tranquility, largely oblivious to the turmoil raging around them.

Diego appears to be suitably chastened by his recent experiences and hasn't allowed his libido to cause problems since his ill-advised tryst with Ines and its unforeseen outcome.  Colette revels in motherhood, lavishing affection on all three children -- his, hers, and theirs.

"There you go, Baby!  All clean and dry.  Thank you for your help, Margie.  Hope, be careful not to fall." 

"Oops!  Mommy, I spilled!"

"You look beautiful, mi Corazon.  Perhaps later after the cheeldren have had their movie and have gone to bed . . ."

After bath time, they settle in to watch a children's video while Colette gives the baby her nighttime feeding.

Diego loves all of their children but has a special place in his heart for Margarita, the child of their love for one another.  He can't seem to deny her anything.  She has him thoroughly wrapped around her little finger.  Even the scruffy little dog that was her constant companion in Puerto Rico during the months of Colette's amnesia has somehow found its way to this country and into the condo, and the cats that she insists on bringing home threaten to overrun the house. 

Colette's and Diego's marital bliss leaves very little for this writer to write about and is, in fact, bordering on sickening.  But we all know that bliss never lasts for long with these two . . .

One morning as Diego reads the paper and Colette serves his breakfast, she looks at him thoughtfully and says "Diego?"

"Hmmmm?" he replies distractedly, not looking up.


He puts the paper on his lap and gives her his full attention.  "Yes, mi Corazon?"

"Diego, I've been thinking.  Don't you think it's time we baptized the baby?"

Diego glances at his youngest child, cooing in her infant seat on the floor next to him.

"Eef you weesh, Colette.  But why now?"

"No particular reason.  It's just that she's getting older, and . . ."  Colette trails off, unwillilng to explain the premonition that sparked this thought.

Diego smiles indulgently at Colette.  "Very well, eef you weesh eet.  I weel call thee church and make thee arrangements.  I suppose you weel weesh to have a party too, si?"  He smiles at his beloved wife, who smiles back as she sits across from him.

"Of course, Diego!  Any excuse for a party!" 

Diego reaches for a breakfast pastry and a cloud passes over Colette's face as she recalls the man who threatened her and Hope at their last party.  

 Quickly she shakes off the chill and focuses on making mental lists for the christening.  As long as she never tells a soul about the man who fathered Hope, they will be safe.

To be continued . . .