Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 7:  Morgan

Morgan is devastated.  Her entire world has crumbled into dust at her feet.  She locks herself into her room and fills her days alternating between bouts of weeping and plotting to regain Thane's affections.  Piper is so alarmed that she contacts Morgan's mother, and Heather moves in with them temporarily in order to keep her daughter from doing anything rash.

One evening several days later as Heather and Piper sit vigil in the living room, Heather's cell phone rings.

Digging it out of her purse, she is startled to see that it is an international number calling.

With trepidation, she answers.


Piper can hear a male voice on the other end but is unable to distinguish any words.  She watches Heather for telltale signs that might help her to figure out what is going on.

"I understand."

Heather's face remains blank, but it appears to be causing her some effort to keep it that way.

"Yes.  We will be there in two days."

She clicks her phone shut and sits gazing into space, unseeing.

Piper frowns.  "Auntie Heather?"

Her words snap Heather out of her internal turmoil with a start.

"I'm sorry, Piper.  I must waken Morgan and get us packed.  Her faither has passed and we've been called back to Scotland."

Piper sits open-mouthed as Heather heads down the hall to knock gently on Morgan's door.

She hears murmuring as the two converse quietly, then a single wail from Morgan.  Heather reappears, concern for her daughter written plain on her face.

"Piper, would you be a good lass and call the new travel agent in town?  Get us two tickets on the next flight to Scotland.  Here is my credit card."

"Of course, Auntie!  Don't worry about a thing.  I'll go there in person to give you and Morgan some time to prepare."

While Piper dashes to the office downtown occupied by Violet's Vistas, Heather packs first her own clothes and toiletries and then Morgan's.  Before this latest loss has a chance to fully sink in, Heather and Morgan are on their way to Scotland, leaving Piper to take care of the apartment and the cat.

Once they arrive, they are whisked into a flurry of activity that allows no time for mourning or for regrets, which is fortunate because they both have plenty of the latter.  Arrangements for the funeral and the burial take up the first initial days.  After Duncan Campbell has gone to his final resting place and the mourners have all departed, Heather and Morgan find themselves in the office of the family's solicitor, Andrew Morris.  After a few preliminary items are discussed, he gets to the point.

Looking pointedly at the still-grieving Morgan, Andrew clears his throat to get her attention.  Her thoughts are thousands of miles away and it takes her a moment to focus.  She raises her head and mentally shakes herself loose from thoughts of Thane.

"Morgan, your faither's death leaves the Campbell clan without a chief.  I donna need to point out to you that you are an only child.  You canna be the chief yoursel'; you must marry.  It would be preferable if you wed a distant cousin to carry on the Campbell name.  Shall I begin narrowing down the candidates?"

Morgan scarcely hears his words.  All she picked up was "marry distant Campbell cousin" and the cloud that has enveloped her since Thane moved out evaporates.  Her mind races with the implications.  Faither is dead!  Thane is no longer banished!  He can come home to Scotland and we can be married, just as I've always wanted!  I can get him back, I know I can!

Heather knows her daughter well and has some inkling of what is going on in her mind.

She locks gazes with the solicitor.  "Thank you, Andrew.  If you would like to research potential candidates, by all means, proceed.  But please give Morgan more time before you begin interviewing.  She canna be expected to bounce back from her grief this quickly."  Heather makes no mention of the fact that the grief she referenced is not necessarily associated with the death of Duncan Campbell.

Heather shakes hands with the solicitor and the two women return to Cambell castle.

With a final concerned look at her daughter, Heather heads for the kitchen to discuss with the staff her plans for the evening meal, leaving Morgan standing at the stairway.

Campbell Castle!  Home.  I'll stay home.  And I'll think of some way to get him back.  After all . . . tomorrow is another day!

The End. . . . . for now!