Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 6 - Tension

Finding her sisters as expected having lunch at the sushi bar, Emanuelle crosses the room and puts her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder. 

Ignoring Giselle's curious look as Gabrielle swivels around in her chair, Emmanuelle locks eyes with her twin and says, simply, "He is here." 

The expression of pure joy that immediately suffuses Gabrielle's face cuts her to the core, remembering what could so easily have transpired in that hotel room just a short time ago. 

Gabrielle leaps to her feat and hugs her twin.  "Oh, Emmy!  Thank God!" 

She looks guiltily at Giselle, but Emmanuelle gives her a push in the direction of the door.  "Go!  I'll stay with Giselle and take care of lunch." 

With a look of sheer gratitude, Gabrielle wordlessly speeds out the door and down the street toward the hotel, her feet scarcely touching the sidewalk. 

Emanuelle takes her sister's seat.  Sensing something amiss, Giselle studies her face.  "What is it, Emmy?" 

Emanuelle smiles at Giselle's easy adoption of her twin's pet name for her and shakes her head slightly.  "Nothing.  It's just . . . . " 

She pauses, unsure of whether to say anything at all.  "It's just that Gabby's Luka is . . . . quite remarkable.  Now, what have you left me to eat?" 

Sensing that Emanuelle has no desire to discuss whatever is bothering her, Giselle abandons any attempt to elicit information from her.  She continues to study her newfound sister surreptitiously throughout the remainder of their lunch, however, and reaches the conclusion that something is not right with Emanuelle.***********************************************************************************

Meanwhile, back in the girls' hotel room, Luka and Gabrielle are making up for lost time.  As yet they haven't spoken.  Let's give them a little while longer . . . .

An hour or two later . . . .

"Luka, what took you so long?  I've been waiting for such a long time . . . ." 

Luka refuses to meet Gabrielle's eyes.  "I . . . . I tried not to come back, Gabrielle." 

"But . . . .?"

"Shhh.  Let me finish.  For your own good, I tried to stay away.  What I am . . . you deserve better.  I'm not worthy of your love, and I was trying to spare you the inevitable pain of having to live with the knowledge of the things I've done."

He pauses, then meets her gaze levelly.  "I couldn't do it.  I should have known better.  This thing that binds us . . . . resistance is futile." 

Her hand creeps up to touch his face.  "I don't care what you've done, Luka.  It doesn't matter.  People can change.  For whatever purpose, it's clear that we were meant to be together.  Promise me that you'll never try to leave me again!"

He captures her hand in his and kisses her palm tenderly.  "Ah, Gabrielle.  I couldn't if I tried.  Isn't that obvious by now?" 

She grasps the back of his neck and pulls him down to her. 

Their lips meet, gently at first, and then with more passion.


Looks like it's time for us to leave again . . .


Over the next few weeks, the threesome of Luka and the Diefendorf twins becomes a frequent sight in TEKville.

To eyes such as Gannon's, trained to notice the slightest nuances of human interraction, the tension between Luka and Emanuelle is palpable. 


Gabrielle is oblivious, her emotional high blinding her to all else but her delirious happiness.

In her obsession with Luka , Gabrielle doesn't even take note of the way that her twin has begun to distance herself. 

More and more often Emanuelle begs off with one excuse or another when an outing is proposed.  No one is aware of the sleepless, aching nights she spends alone in the room that was formerly her twin's, now that Gabrielle has taken up residence in Luka's room.

For his part Luka has Gabrielle to keep him occupied -- and satisfied

 -- but he still fights the unfulfilled longing that began the moment he laid eyes on Emanuelle, and even when making love to Gabrielle his thoughts occasionally stray to his beloved's twin.  He still battles the constant urge to go to her, to touch her, to quench the fire that burns within him . . . and denying those urges is beginning to require almost physical effort.

Finally, Emanuelle can take no more.  She takes her sister aside and reveals her plan to return to Germany. 

"Gabby, there is no real reason for me to stay here any longer.  Your Luka has returned, and I have become a fifth wheel." 

"That's ridiculous, Emmy!  You could never be that.  Oh, please stay!  I missed you so terribly when we were apart -- I just can't bear to think of being away from you again!" 

"Gabby, I . . . ."

 Gabrielle's "twin sense" finally kicks in.  She looks at her sister -- really looks -- and realizes that something is definitely not right.

"Emmy, what is it?  Something is bothering you." 

"I'm fine, Gabby.  I just need . . .  I need some space." 

"Space??  What kind of space?  When have we ever need space from each other?" 

"It's nothing.  It's just that you . . . you have Luka, and I . . . I . . . oh, God, Gabby!" 

The stress of the past few weeks has taken its toll, and Emanuelle completely breaks down.  Sobbing out her anguish, she is silently comforted by her confused sister. 

As the torrent of tears finally becomes a trickle and she blows her nose, Gabrielle begins tentatively.

"Emmy?  What on earth . . . ?" 

Emanuelle draws a shuddering breath and refuses to meet Gabrielle's eyes. 

"Gabby . . . do you remember what you told me about the moment when you and Luka first saw one another?" 

Puzzled, Gabrielle responds.  "Yes, of course.  It was like a lightning bolt from the sky.  But what does that have to do . . . ." 

Emanuelle raises her head and locks gazes with her sister, pain twisting her features.  "Gabby . . . . "  Her voice is little more than a whisper.  "It . . . it happened to me, too." 

Stunned, Gabrielle is speechless for a long moment.  The moment lengthens into several moments as her brain races to absorb the implications.  Finally . . .

"Luka?" she asks, terrified of the reply. 

Emanuelle's eyes close and she nods silently. 

"But what . . . when . . . ?"  She trails off, then is struck by another thought.  "Emmy!  Does Luka know???" 

"Of course Luka knows!  It's not like I could hide it!"  Emanuelle struggles to avoid telling her sister that the lightning bolt was mutual, not a one-sided attraction. 

Gabrielle once again falls silent, and this time the silence drags on for minutes.  Finally, Emanuelle can take it no longer.

"Gabby?" she asks tentatively. 

Gabrielle meets her sister's gaze, a hint of bewilderment in her expression.

"I should feel jealous.  It's odd.  I don't feel that way at all.  I feel sorry for you, and I feel . . . ." 

She breaks off and examines her sister's face.  Calmly, she asks, "And Luka?  Did he . . . .?" 

Unwilling to answer but unable to keep the truth from her twin, Emanuelle closes her eyes and nods once again. 

Expecting anything but silence, after a few heartbeats Emanuelle reluctantly opens her eyes and examines Gabrielle's face.  A speculative look has come into Gabrielle's eyes, and it is clear that she is considering the implications. 

Finally, after a moment, she meets Emanuelle's eyes.

"Here's what we're going to do . . . . ."  




Later, when Luka returns, his heart nearly stops in his chest at the sight that awaits him in his room.

The End . . . mostly.  :-)