Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 6:  Deception and its Aftermath


When Thane storms out of the apartment, he has no idea where he is going.  His thoughts in turmoil, he wanders the streets blindly.  Suddenly he blinks as he realizes that his feet have automatically taken him to the bungalow.

He stands staring at the house as a sense of calm washes over him.  In that moment he knows that the thing he needs most is to see Jes and their daughter.  Composing himself, he strides up the steps and knocks at the front door.


Over the next few weeks, Thane spends less and less time in the apartment and is found most afternoons at the bungalow, playing with Cami.  He and Morgan become distant as he and Jes grow closer again.  Intimacy between Thane and Morgan is a thing of the past.  They have become more like roommates than lovers.

Piper can only distract Morgan from her unfortunate situation so much.  Morgan begins taking long walks to clear her head and to try to figure out how to mend her broken relationship with Thane.  On one of these walks, she is startled to see Thane's car outside a house in a quiet neighborhood.

Tempted to knock on the door and confront him with her suspicions, she realizes that it would only make Thane angrier than he already is.  She takes note of the address and continues her walk, now with a purpose to her steps.  She strides to the courthouse, where she looks up the owner of the property at the address she has noted.

Ethel St. Clair, she muses.  I donna know an "Ethel" with that name, but it isna hard to figure out that she is related to Coco and Colleen.  I ken that they live in a bungalow, and I ken that Jes lives with them.  Proof enough for me.

On subsequent afternoon walks, Morgan's steps regularly take her past the bungalow, where inevitably she finds Thane's car.  Her distress grows by the day until finally she can take it no longer.  She asks Piper to stay in her room and she confronts Thane.

"I ken where ye've been keeping yoursel', Thane.  Ye've been w' her, aye?  That slut and her brat."

"Donna you ever call her that again!  She is a fine lass!  She doesna sneak around and she doesna lie to me, like some women I ken."

"I have apologized over and over for that one wee deception!  What kind of a man sleeps with another woman, fathers a child with her, and then holds a grudge over such a daft thing!?"

"Daft, is 't?  Why do you cast up the past?  I canna live with such a contermacious woman!  I'm going to the boarding house and stay with Gannon to gie you some space."

Thane turns his back on Morgan and stomps into the bedroom, where he packs his few clothes.  Still seething, he grabs his guitars, pushes past Morgan, and storms out the door.

Morgan collapses onto the couch, sobbing out her pain and frustration.


Thane sleeps at the boarding house where he lived prior to moving in with Morgan, but his waking hours are spent with Jes and Cami when he is not playing at the NY.  The less he sees of Morgan, the more he is reminded of what a good thing he had going with Jes.  Over time they recapture their easy-going relationship, but although there is constant sexual tension between them, neither of them acts on it.  No one mentions the incident in the hospital, but neither has forgotten it.

One afternoon a couple of weeks after Thane moved into the boarding house, he feeds Cami while Jes takes to her bed with a migraine.  He smiles down at his blonde-haired child as she finishes her bottle.

"Well, dochter, I suppose now you'll be wanting your nappy changed."

Looking around, Thane finds that the box of diapers Jes keeps in the living room is empty.

Once again he addresses his daughter.  "E'er you get all cankert, we'd best take a wee walk!"  Gently, he cradles Cami as he slips quietly up the stairs and into Jes's bedroom, where he finds her asleep with a cold cloth over her eyes.

Expertly he changes Cami's diaper, smiling at the memory of his initial reluctance to hold the baby, and then quietly rocks her to sleep.

After a few moments, his eyes shift from his sleeping child to Jes, her beautiful hair spread out across the pillows they once shared.

He feels a tightening in his loins as he recalls the lazy afternoons spent together in this bed.  Sensing his eyes on her, Jes stirs.  Her once-sharp instincts dulled by sleep deprivation, she is momentarily disoriented.  After a split-second pause -- just enough time to be grateful at the realization that her migraine has departed -- she sits bolt upright in bed, her negligee falling open to expose her breast,  still perky despite her recent motherhood.

Thane's jeans suddenly become very taut.  Dragging his eyes from Jes's hardened nipple, their gazes lock.

Suddenly the reality of their situation fades away, and there is only the two of them.  Gently Thane rises, placing Cami carefully in her crib, and crosses to the bed without taking his eyes from Jessy's.

Her heart is beating so quickly that she fears it will jump out of her chest, but she is frozen, unable and unwilling to speak lest the spell be broken.  Carefully Thane perches on the edge of the bed.  His hand reaches out to smoothe her tousled hair from her face, and at his touch, passion ignites.

He crushes her to him in a mindless embrace reminiscent of the one they shared the day their daughter was conceived, and they begin tearing at each other's clothes.

Naked and gasping, their eyes lock.  Thane begins to lower himself to her when she suddenly goes rigid and stops him with a hand to his chest.  "No . . . oh, Thane -- not again!  Do you have . . . ?

Belatedly Thane realizes the gist of her interruption and mentally thwacks his forehead.  "Aye, lass . . . a wee moment . . ."  He digs into his pants and produces the condom he has taken to carrying with him ever since the day Cami was conceived.  Hands trembling, they manage to get the packet open and the protection in place before succumbing to sheer animal instinct.


A couple of hours later, Gannon and Giselle return from out of town.  Noticing Thane's car out front, they are puzzled at the empty living room.

Giselle runs up the stairs to check on Jes and the baby.  Unthinking, she throws open the door to Jes's bedroom and gasps in shock at the sight of Jes and Thane in bed together, Cami cradled between them.

"OMG!  I am so sorry!  I had no idea . . . ."

Jes looks contentedly at Giselle.  "No problem, Zellie.  Give us a few minutes, OK?"

Giselle hastily closes the door and races down the stairs to share the news with Gannon.

Fifteen minutes later, a very relaxed Thane ambles down the stairs.  Giselle gives him a searching look as she passes him on her way back up to the bedroom.

Back in Jessy's room, Giselle gives Jes the same look.  Jes smiles.

"Well, out with it.  I know you have something to say!"

Giselle joins Jes on the edge of the bed.  Her gaze is speculative. "I just have one question:  Is this what you really want, Jes?"

"Oh, Zellie . . . . more than anything!  I have loved Thane since the moment I saw him; you know that.  The months we spent apart were pure hell.  And now . . . now we have a chance to be a real family!  Yes, Zellie.  I do want this."

Giselle searches her friend's face and is satisfied with what she sees.  This is the happiest she has seen Jes since Morgan's arrival in TEKville.

"If you're happy, I'm happy.  But if he hurts you again . . ."  Her tone threatens dire consequences should Thane ever give Jes cause for tears in the future.

Downstairs, Gannon studies Thane in much the same way that Giselle evaluates Jes.

"So.  You slept with her.  What now, Campbell?"

Thane looks uncomfortable.  "I willna hurt her again, if that's what ye're asking."

"Good to know, but that's not exactly what I was asking.  What about Morgan?"

Now Thane looks guilty as well as uncomfortable.  "I need some time to figure out how to break it to her, aye?  I canna just write her a note."

"Make sure you don't drag this out, Thane.  Jes has been through a lot.  She's a strong woman, but there is a limit to what she can handle."

"Aye.  I willna delay, I promise."


To be continued . . . .