Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 5:  Piper

Thane races back to the NY to return Ranger's truck, then dashes down the street to the apartment he shares with Morgan.  There he finds that Morgan has already returned with her cousin.  Morgan is too polite to air dirty laundry in front of her, but her greeting is decidedly less enthusiastic than usual.

"Hello, Thane. This is Piper. Piper, the infamous Thane Campbell."

Piper's eyes cut to Morgan briefly as she registers Thane's surname.  She knows, of course, that Morgan and her self-described "soul mate" are distant cousins, but wonders how many people assume that they are either married or brother and sister.

She stands, better to assess her cousin's mate.

She offers her hand.  Thane studies her features, interested to see how much she resembles Morgan.  He takes her hand in his and smiles.

"Welcome to TEKville, lass. I am sorry that I couldna come with Morgan to the airport. Something verra important came up or I wouldna have missed it."

"It's nice to finally meet you, Thane.  I feel like I know you already from Morgan's e-mails."  She conveniently neglects to make mention of the fact that this is not her first visit to TEKville, and that she has actually seen Thane before.  She doesn't find it necessary to disclose her previous trip, when -- at Morgan's request -- she had come to attend the trial of Thane's former lover and to provide details to his current one.

"You are welcome to stay with us for as long as you like, lass.  How was your flight?"

Piper's annoyance is palpable.  "It was a sodding nightmare!  Crying babies, turbulence, and oh my god, the old geezer sitting next to me didn't arf pong!"

Thane grins at her English accent and idioms.  He has grown accustomed to Americans' way of speaking, but hasn't associated with anyone from England for a very long time.

"Are you hungry, then, Piper?  I havna had lunch yet myself.  Do you like sushi?"

Piper brightens.  "You have sushi in TEKville?  Brilliant!  Can we go now"

"Aye, if you're ready.  Morgan?"

Her irritation at Thane's earlier abandonment having dissipated during their conversation, she smiles as she replies.  "Aye, Thane.  Sounds perfect."


Ranger is just leaving the sushi bar as the trio enters.  Alerted by the sudden alarm on Thane's face, he says nothing about the truck as he is introduced to Piper.

"Nice to meet you, Piper.  I wish I could stay to talk, but I need to get back to the NY.  We have some 'punch list' items to clear up."

Ranger takes his leave and Thane and the girls seat themselves at the bar.  Etsuko eyes them curiously, having been filled in by Ranger on the truck situation, but as always she is too polite to make any mention of it.

Piper carries the conversation almost single-handedly as they order, which suits Thane just fine.

He smiles as she digs into her order as if she hasn't eaten for days.


 He ventures a questioning look at Morgan, who smiles in return.  Thane breathes an internal sigh of relief at having avoided days of the cold shoulder, although to be truthful that isn't really Morgan's style anyway.


To be continued . . .