Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 5 - Luka

Carl and Veronique spend several days in TEKville getting acquainted with their long-lost child.  Eventually Carl's career requires him to return to Germany, however, and with the promise of frequent future visits he and Veronique take their reluctant leave, allowing Emanuelle to remain behind to keep her twin company as she waits for Luka's return.

Life gradually develops a new "normalcy" as Gabrielle and Emanuelle find their niche in TEKville society.  They are often seen with their newfound sister in various TEKville establishments, much to the chagrin of Gannon, who is seeing much less of his paramour these days.

Gannon spends a lot of time alone with Jes, who is still grieving over the end of her relationship with Thane and the unfortunate aftermath of their tryst at baby Carmen's christening party, but their old physical intimacy does not rekindle.  At this point Jes simply needs a shoulder to cry on, and Gannon is more than happy to provide the moral support that she needs.

"I know it's difficult, but Jes -- you really have to tell Thane about the baby."

"I know.  It's just . . . how do I tell him?  Walk up to him in the bar and say 'Oh, by the way, this . . ' she glances at her swollen belly.  ' . . . is yours.'?"

"I can help, if you want.  We used to be pretty good friends before . . . all this.  But you owe it to him, Jes.  What were you thinking, trying to hide it from him?" 

"Oh, Gannon, I'm not sure I was thinking.  I blame hormones.  It's just all such a mess."  Her voice catches in a sob.  

One afternoon when Gabrielle and Giselle are out shopping, having left Emanuelle behind suffering from a migraine, there is a knock at the door of the girls' hotel room. 

Thankful that her meds have finally done their job, Emanuelle rises to answer the door, assuming that her sister has once again forgotten her key card. 

When she flings open the door, standing in the doorway instead is a ruggedly handsome man with close-cropped prematurely white hair.

Luka stands open-mouthed in the doorway, astonished at seeing his beloved's features on yet another face.

Their eyes meet, and the shock is physical.

As their gazes lock, Emanuelle feels a sexual thrill coursing through her body in an echo of the sensations felt only weeks before by her twin the first time that her eyes met Luka's.

Luka's mind has gone numb, and he is rooted to the spot.  Of its own volition his hand rises to touch Emanuelle's face. 

At his touch, the physical manifestation of her lust becomes almost unbearable.  Her hand reaches out to touch his chest, and Luka is jolted to the core. 

Totally incapable of thought, he crushes her to him in a reprise of his first embrace with Gabrielle. 

This time, however, there is a bed nearby, and as his hands find their way under her garments, he gently urges her in that direction.

Emanuelle is the first to regain her senses.  Through the fog her sister's face suddenly intrudes and she stiffens.  "NO!  No, stop!"  She pushes Luka away, holding him at arm's length, both of them panting with the heat of their shared lust. 

Luka blinks owlishly as sanity returns.

He shakes his head to clear the remnants of the mist, and a puzzled look crosses his features.  "Who . . . .?" 

Still breathless, Emanuelle straightens her garments.  "I am Emanuelle, Gabrielle's twin.  And I'm fairly certain that you must be Luka.  Now . . . . now I understand." 

Luka is still struggling, however.  "Twin???  But . . . ." 

"Yes, I'm quite sure that she never mentioned me.  Knowing about your . . . career . . . she would not have wanted to risk it, much as she might trust you with her own life.  I was being hunted as well." 

The realization hits Luka that she is right, and he stands and turns his back to hide his emotions.  Once again the deep regret over the way he has conducted his life that began to eat at him when he left Gabrielle returns in a wave.  He had tried to spare her, tried to stay away . . . but it was a futile effort.  Whatever it is that binds them -- which, until a moment ago, he had believed to be utterly unique -- it is undeniable. 

Jolted from his thoughts by the realization that history has just very nearly repeated itself, he turns back to Emanuelle and studies her face.  Yes, the same features, but that isn't it.  The pull does not diminish as they search each other's eyes.  If anything, it becomes all the more demanding. 

Luka reaches for her again. 

"No, Luka." she says calmly, as she raises her hand to ward off his advances.  "I feel it too, but . . . . NO.  I am stronger than Gabrielle, and I will NOT let this happen.  She and I share almost everything, but . . . no, not this.  She would be devastated, and I would do anything to avoid hurting her.  I will not give in to this.  Whatever it is.  Ever." 

Luka is stricken.  He is not accustomed to being denied, and for a brief moment he considers taking what he wants regardless of the consequences.  He quickly realizes, however, that taking his pleasure with Emanuelle without her willing participation would not be all that pleasurable, and in spite of himself, he has already come to respect and admire her.  In addition, there are his feelings for Gabrielle to consider.  He pulls himself together.

In an effort to ignore the invisible silken cord binding them together, Luka clears his throat and speaks.

"Where is Gabrielle?" 

"She is shopping with our sister." 

Luka's expression of utter shock brings a smile to Emanuelle's face.  "Yes.  Another sister.  I will let Gabby fill you in on the details."

Emanuelle smooths her garments, brushes past Luka, and reaches for her purse.

"I will find her and send her to you.  Wait here, Luka." 

Fighting the magnetic pull that even now urges her to turn around and complete what had begun between them moments before, Emanuelle closes the door behind her and escapes into the elevator.


To be continued . . .