Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 5 - Dani


The next morning, as promised, Dani drags herself out of her sleeping bag and takes a shower.  When she is dressed she calls Jerri at the boutique.

"Hey.  What was the name of that woman you mentioned who throws a lot of parties?"

"Well, she doesn't necessarily always throw them -- long story -- but they seem to happen at her condo.  Her name is Rodrigues.  Colette Rodrigues.  I don't know her number but I'm sure you can find it in the phone book.  I would definitely call her first and not just show up un-announced on her doorstep.  Some odd things have been going on with her and I wouldn't want her to mistake you for someone . . . sinister."

"Sinister??  Now this sounds like a story I need to hear."

"Not now, Dani.  It's busy here at The Closet and you need to work on finding a job.  I promise I'll tell you what I know about the situation -- which admittedly isn't much -- tonight.  Call Mrs. Rodrigues.  She'll have the contacts you need."

Jerri hangs up to forestall any more questions from Dani and puts her "sales face" back on.

Dani checks the phone book and as expected, finds a phone number for Colette Rodrigues.  She spends a few moments running over her script in her head, then slowly dials.


"Mrs. Rodrigues, you don't know me, but . . ."


A half hour later, notebook in hand, Dani rings the doorbell of the condo at the address she's been given.  A lithe, tan blonde woman answers the door, introduces herself and invites Dani in.  Colette suggests that they talk out in the garden where it's quieter, nodding toward the children playing in the middle of the room.  Hand on the patio door, she motions toward the man watching them.

"My husband, Diego."

OMG, he looks just like Prince!

Colette introduces her children, three lovely little girls who are quite occupied with a kitten, a tabby cat, and a scruffy dog.  Dani looks twice at the children, comparing them to the parents and wondering at the middle daughter's pale complexion.   Then she shrugs and follows Colette out the door to the patio.

As they step out the door and Colette reaches for her watering can, Dani takes a moment to absorb her surroundings.

As Colette waters the basket of flowers on one of the tables strategically placed in the small patio space, Dani continues her inspection of the patio and garden.

She is impressed with what she sees.  All that open space is good to see after the cramped quarters at Jerri's apartment!

"Oh, Dani, I'm sorry!  I've forgotten my sunglasses.  While I'm inside I'll fetch us a pitcher of iced tea.  Please make yourself at home!"

Dani wanders to the gate at the rear of the garden and peers into the park behind the fence, and after a couple of minutes Colette returns with a tray.

They settle comfortably into two of the wicker chairs near the garden gate, and Dani begins to explain her plan to Colette in more detail.

Over an hour later, armed with contact numbers for many of the leading citizens of TEKville in addition to those of several businesses that might have a need for her services, Dani returns home and begins making phone calls and lining up some possible future event planning business.


Later that afternoon when Jerri gets home from the boutique, Dayle returns from setting up her space in the hotel basement, and as Jenna gets ready to leave for work at the NY, Dani surprises them all with a bottle of expensive champagne.

She pops the cork, pours four glasses of the bubbly, and proposes a toast.

"To TEKville!"

"To TEKville!" they all respond, and as they sip the champagne they begin to discuss finding an apartment large enough for the four of them to share.