Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 4 - Camille


Over the next couple of days, Romain keeps going back to that thought.  Finally, he heads to the NY Bar, and without bring up specifics, he speaks privately with Darius.

“Darius, you know most of the women in TEKville, right?”

Darius’s wide grin makes Romain smile in spite of himself.  “No, that’s not what I meant.  I’m looking for a woman . . .”

“About damn time, if you ask me.”

Romain shakes his head as he makes a futile attempt to hide his amusement. 

“No, it’s not like that.  I have a rather . . . delicate situation . . . and I’m looking for just the right woman to help.  I’m looking for a real cougar – a woman who can pretend convincingly to be completely into a man, then cut him off at the knees once he’s hooked.  I don’t know many people in town.  Can you help?  It’s important.”

Darius, his curiosity definitely aroused, thinks for a moment.  “I have a couple of ideas off the top of my head, but I’d like to consult with Coco before I mention any names.  Can I get back to you tomorrow?”

“Perfect.  Thanks, man.  I owe you one.”

Darius’s first thought had been of Nadja, the little Cajun wench who had ensnared him with her voodoo spells a couple of years ago, but he discards that thought almost as quickly as it enters his head.   The farther he stays from her, the better.

That night in bed, Darius broaches the subject with Coco, explaining the type of woman his business partner is seeking. 

 A face pops into her head immediately.

“Darius, do you remember when Player first came to town?”

Puzzled, he nods.

“And do you remember how he was almost worn to a nub, running back and forth between my cousin Justice and my aunt Camille, trying to keep them both satisfied?”

Again, he nods, remembering with amusement the story that made the rounds at that time, but as he mentally chuckles over Player’s discomfiture, his smile turns speculative.

“Yes, you’re beginning to see the possibilities, aren’t you?”

“You are a devious one, Coco-puff.  Yes, I think you’re onto something.  I’ll call Perrin in the morning.  In the meantime . . ."

Oops, time for us to leave!


The next day, Coco arranges a meeting at the NY with her cousin Angel, the only daughter of Camille who will have anything to do with her mother.  Darius and Coco  introduce Romain and explain the situation to Angel in the hope that she will be able to recruit Camille for the task they have in mind.

Angel:  “You want mother to do what??”

Darius:  “It’s nothing she hasn’t done before, and this time there’s money in it for her.”

Angel:  “But it just seems so . . . sleazy!”

Romain:  “It is sleazy, Angel, but it’s the only way I can think of to show my brother the error of his ways before he deflowers and impregnates every virgin in TEKville!”

Coco:  “Angel . . . it’s not like she won’t enjoy it.  And left to her own devices, she might have done it on her own with no prompting from us.  We just need to be involved in order to ensure the outcome.”

Romain:  “Will you talk to her, Angel?”

Angel reluctantly agrees, and the plan is set into motion. 


The next day Angel invites herself to Camille’s apartment.  Over tea she broaches the subject. 

 Her mother is intrigued, especially when she finds out that Marlow is a very good-looking and apparently wealthy man, and it doesn’t take much to talk her into implementing the plan hatched at the NY.

An “accidental” meeting is contrived.  Romain invites Marlow to discuss Dani’s situation over drinks at the NY, and arranges for Camille to arrive shortly afterwards and sit nearby.


Camille is no novice at the art of seduction.  She has taken pains to dress in such a way as to be certain to attract attention.

She is obvious about checking him out, and he returns her bold gaze, sizing her up.

Until her arrival, Marlow had been focusing on the young waitiress, finding her just the type to fall prey to his irresistible charms.  Jenna is unaware that this man is her friend Dani's Marlow, but she has been waitressing long enough to be familiar with his type and gives him wide berth as much as possible. 

 Camille is well pleased with the challenge, still smarting over losing her last boy toy, Player, to her estranged daughter, Justice.  Marlow is hooked.


A few days pass.  Another “chance encounter” occurs in the Jungle Room atop TEK Hotel, where Marlow is staying. This time Marlow approaches Camille, unhindered by the company of his judgmental brother. 

“Hello, lovely lady.  You look very familiar.  Have we met before?”

Knowing full well that they have not officially been introduced, Camille plays the game.

“Why, no, I don’t believe we have.  My name is Camille.”

She offers her hand. 

Marlow grasps it delicately and bends to kiss it with a flourish.  Camille’s eyes reflect the smile that she keeps from her lips.

“I am Marlow.  Forgive me if I'm being forward, but I must tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have seen in this town.”

Pleased in spite of herself, Camille allows herself a mental smirk.  Motioning to the empty seat beside her, she asks “Would you like to join me, Marlow?”

“I would like that nothing more, Camille.”

As he sits, he motions to the waiter, who promptly crosses the room.

As she finishes her martini, Camille is impressed in spite of herself by the easy confidence Marlow displays.

 “McCallan, please.  Neat.  And can you remove these flowers?  Allergies.”

"Certainly, sir.  And for the lady?" 

 “Another martini, please.”  She hands him her empty glass as he picks up the flowers and scurries toward the bar.

Marlow and Camille continue their intense flirtation over the course of the next couple of hours.

As both are intently pursuing the same goal, the end of the evening is a foregone conclusion.


To be continued . . .