Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 3 - The Waiting

The next morning at the bungalow, Jes hands Giselle a cup of coffee, settles herself on the couch, and says, companionably, "So.  Tell me about last night at the NY, Zellie." 

Giselle frowns slightly, wishing that Jes had been there but knowing that the NY is the very last place her friend is likely to be found whenever Shepherds Pie is playing.

"You aren't going to believe this, Jes.  I met two girls -- twins -- who look just like me.  They think I'm their long-lost sister!"Jes starts so violently that she almost spills coffee on her belly.  Her eyes show amazement and skepticism.  "Zellie!  That can't be true, can it?"Giselle looks uncertain.  "I . . . . I don't know, Jes.  Everything . . . their story matches what I know of mine.  Their older sister -- named Giselle -- was abducted as an infant from their parents' home in Germany and never found."  She shrugs.  "I suppose it's possible, but . . . can the world really be that small?"Long association with Gannon has caused Jessy's mind to work in much the same way as his does.  "DNA?" she suggests.Giselle nods.  "Gannon is setting it up for us."The girls stare at one another as they share the same sequence of thoughts -- the happy life that could have been Giselle's if indeed she is the older sister of the Diefendorf twins, contrasted with the miserable years of her actual childhood and young adulthood.Jes breaks the silence.  "So tell me about them -- these twins.""To tell you the truth we didn't really get into that, Jes.  The shock of possibly finding my real family after all these years pretty much eclipsed everything else.  Let's find out first if it's true.  Then I'll start asking questions."**********************************************************************************

Across town in room 1201 at TEK Hotel, a similar discussion takes place.

"Did you get the impression that Giselle wasn't telling us everything about her life?""Ja.  You too?  She broke off pretty suddenly after the 'series of foster homes' remark, didn't she?"

"I feel so bad for her, Gabby!  Even if that's the worst of it, growing up in a 'series of foster homes' must have been awful!"

"I hope the results of the DNA test come back quickly.  Not knowing is killing me!"

Just then the phone rings.  The girls look at one another wordlessly, hope shining from two identical sets of eyes.  Emanuelle jumps up and grabs the phone, and after a brief pause, she answers.

"Yes?""The results are back."  Gannon pauses, then says simply, "Giselle is your sister."Tears spring to Emanuelle's eyes.  She holds out her hand to her twin as the tears begin to make tracks down her cheeks and nods once.  "Thank you, Gannon."She hangs up the phone and the girls embrace, sobbing with relief.******************************************************************************