Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 2 - The Closet


At "The Closet", Jerri is tidying up the mess left by a previous customer, a notorious clothes horse who always tries on everything in the place before making a decision and who thinks it's beneath her to put anything back, believing that's what "the help" is paid to do.

Jerri grumbles to herself as she re-hangs clothes and puts away shoes.

"I would almost rather Mrs. Duranger not even come in!  Yes, she usually buys something, but is it worth it??  What a bitch!"

At the sound of the bell announcing the entry of someone into the shop, Jerri looks up and immediately brightens.  "Jenna!"

 She runs to embrace her twin and their mutual friends.

"I was SO hoping you were really coming!  Oh, I just KNOW you guys are going to love it here!  There are some really hunky guys who are currently unattached.  Jenna, two of them are even brothers!  Wouldn't that be cool!"

Jerri's excitement is contagious, and soon all four girls are chatting animatedly . . . yes, even the bored Dani.

"Are there any spaces available for rent in TEKville, Jerri?"

Daddy gave me some money to add to what I've saved, and I'm really hoping to open the dog grooming business I've been dreaming of since high school."

"i don't know, Dayle, but TEK Realty is just down the street.  They're the only real estate company in town, so I'm sure they'd know!"

Jerri turns to her sister.

"Jenna, I heard one of my customers mention recently that the bar in town is looking for a waitress because their business is booming.  There's a rock band that plays there on weekends and has really been bringing in the crowds.  I know the name of the guy who owns the bar if you're interested!"

"What about me?  The only thing I'm really good at is planning parties.  And looking good, of course."

"Well, it seems like there are always parties of one sort or another going on here in TEKville.  Maybe there's a business in that for you, Dani!  I think you'd be a natural as an Event Planner.  Maybe you should talk to Mrs. Rodrigues, one of my favorite customers.  She knows a lot of people and there always seem to be parties going on at her house, so that seems like a good place to start."

"Can we stay with you, Sis?  We're going to need some time to get on our feet."

Jerri hesitates.  "Well . . . my place is pretty small and obviously only has one bathroom, but if you don't mind sleeping on the floor . . . I know where we can borrow some sleeping bags."

The girls enthusiastically agree, and they spend the rest of the afternoon shopping and trying on clothes.  After helping to close up the shop for the night they all follow Jerri to her apartment and get settled . . . or as settled as they can be in her tiny studio.  They talk long into the night before finally succumbing to sleep.

To be continued . . .