Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 10 - Epilogue

Meanwhile, back at the condo, the party has broken up, the newlyweds have left to begin their new lives together, and the guests, in couples and groups, have trickled away to find other forms of entertainment.  Finally, Colette and Diego retire to their bedroom, looking forward to an evening alone, having sent the girls to spend the night with Colette's cousin, Jes.

Colette is not pleased at the sight that greets them when they enter their bedroom.  "I KNOW I made this bed this morning!"

She turns to face her husband.  "What the HELL, Diego!?" 

"Strange theengs happen when we have parties, mi esposa."

"Tomorrow I want you to install a lock on this door.  But for tonight, I don't care of an army of Unsullied has copulated in this bed!"

She grabs Diego by the front of his ruffled shirt and tosses her evening bag onto the bedspread.

She pushes him over backwards onto the bed, slips out of her party dress, and climbs on, fumbling with his zipper.

Naken except for her jewelry and red heels, she does not take the time to undress Diego.  As soon as she releases him from the confines of his pants, she slides on and bends down to look him earnestly in the eyes.

"Diego, we ARE going to make a baby tonight.  New beginnings for the couples who got married in our garden today; new beginnings for us.  Now . . . kiss me!"


The End.  For now!