Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 9 - The Mistake


A short while later, Thane picks up the trail left by the fleeing pair.  Following the evidence of their passage proves to be a simple task, as they took no pains to cover their tracks.  In minutes he has reached the clearing where Vasquez revealed the truth to Jes.  Looking ahead he notes that the trail seems less obvious on the other side of the clearing. 

In his concentration he almost misses Jes at the edge of the woods, but a small moan alerts him to her presence.  He rushes blindly to her side, falling to his knees and cradling her in his arms.

"Jes?  Jes!  Are you all right?  Jessy!  Oh, please be all right!"

Her eyelids flutter open and as her vision clears, a frown of confusion crosses her face.


Thane crushes his lost love to his chest, tears of gratitude running down his cheeks.

"Oh God, Jes!  I thought . . . I thought I'd lost you."

Memory suddenly returns to Jes, and tears of regret spring to her eyes.

"Oh Thane!  I can't stand it!  I miss you so much!"

All thought of Morgan flees from Thane's mind as he bends to kiss Jes. 

All thought of any kind evaporates from both their brains as something within both of them simultaneously snaps, and soon they are tearing at each other's clothing. 

Neither speaks.  Their breathing is harsh, and moans escape from Jessy's throat as they join together in a frantic coupling.  

Moments later they lie together in the grass at the edge of the clearing, completely spent from the violence of their union.

 Jes is the first to recover her senses and speak.

"Oh my god."

Stricken, she jerks her eyes to Thane's and sees that reality has returned to him as well.  Pain and regret suffuse his face. 

A knife twists inside Jes and she closes her eyes against the return of its familiar stab.  When they open, she is herself once more. 

"Thane, get dressed.  If you found me, others can too.  We don't want to be found . . . like this."

Thane nods, unable to speak, and begins to gather up his garments, avoiding Jessy's eyes.  She turns her back, unspeaking, and rearranges her clothes.

Once dressed, Thane attempts to put his arm around Jessy's waist for support, but she shakes him off.

Straightening her spine, she begins walking back toward the condo, Thane trailing in her wake.


Soon they are met by some of the others, following the same trail that led Thane to the clearing. 


They gather around Jes, expressing their concern at the ugly bruise and rapidly swelling knot on her temple, and begin to pepper her with questions about her escape and about Vasquez and the baby. 

She tells the story calmly and with surprisingly little emotion.  Watching her, Gannon's brow furrows.  There is something . . . something she is not telling us. 

Peter, always the first to notice when something is amiss with one of his friends, takes in the flushed cheeks, the rumpled clothing, and the uncharacteristically messy hair with a fleeting look of concern.  Hugging Jes, he notes a slight muskiness about her and his eyebrows fly up in surprise.  Looking sharply at Thane, he notes that his friend is looking unwell. 

Not now, Peter, he admonishes himself to refrain from making an issue of it at this time.  Later.  Definitely later. 


When the searchers return to the condo garden, a cheer erupts from the crowd at the sight of Jes.  The cheer dies away, however, when it becomes clear that they do not have the baby with them.

The hope that had sprung into Colette's eyes at the sight of her cousin dies when she sees that none of the men have the infant seat, and her head drops back into her hands as the feeling of desolation returns.


The police are called.  Most of the partygoers leave as soon as their statements are taken by the detectives, not wanting to intrude upon the family's grief.

A few of the people closest to Colette and Diego remain to clean up.  Angel stays to help with Margarita and Hope and to offer emotional support, but eventually the couple is alone in their bedroom.

Diego's relief at finding out that he is not, after all, the baby's father is completely overshadowed by his fear.  Colette came to terms long ago with the reality of Diego's tryst with Ines and has never for a moment regretted her original decision to raise the child as her own.  She doesn't even care that the child is not, after all, Diego's, except for the potential impact on their ability to keep the baby if . . . when . . . she is found.

There is little sleep to be had in TEKville that night.

To be continued . . .