Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

The Lab Tech


The second witness for the prosecution is the lab technician who analyzed the trace evidence recovered at the scene.

Lucien questions the lab tech at length about the evidence and the results of his analysis.

The witness answers each question thoroughly and precisely.

Lucien submits a clipboard to the judge for his approval.

"Your honor, the lab report."

Lucien verifies the lab findings with the technician.

Keira is barely paying attention as she sorts through the papers in the manila envelope, searching for a specific document.

When it is Keira's turn to cross-examine the witness, she focuses on the epithelials found on the restraints.

The young lab tech's eyes follow Keira's every move as she struts about the courtroom.

Way to work him, cousin!  He is obviously besotted, and you are completely taking advantage of it!

Keira takes her time reviewing the document on the clipboard, feeling the young lab tech's eyes on her and smiling inwardly.

She asks several clarifying questions regarding the epithelials, the hair, the blood, and the semen.

"One final question.  What conclusion did you draw from the epithelials that were collected from the ropes on the bed posts?"

"It appeared that someone had been tied up against their will with those ropes, and had rubbed their wrists raw trying to work their way loose."

To be continued . . .