Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

The Jury


The jury members take their seats as the lawyers enter.

As Keira sets down her laptop, she scans the faces of the jury and surreptitiously checks out the backside of her competition.

Lucien is unaware of her scrutiny as he sets down his bag and greets his fellow prosecutor, John Cochran.

The jury foreman . . . errr, forewoman . . . looks up in interest.

Lucien Kozlowski?  HERE?  Wow!  I've had the hots for him ever since that big TV trial last year.  He's even hotter in person than he is on TV!

"Ms. St. Clair?  I'm Lucien Kozlowski.  May the best . . . team win."

He is FINE!  This is one court job I'm not going to mind!

Lucien introduces Keira to John Cochran.

I had no idea when I got my notice of impending jury duty that I was going to get to watch two famous lawyers at work!  This isn't going to be so bad after all.

This guy next to me is a real creep.  How do I get him to take his arm off the back of the bench so I can sit back? 

LOVE that defense attorney's suit!  Wonder where she got it?

That judge looks SO familiar . . . . I wonder if our paths have crossed in a former life?

I wish I had a magic spell to whisk me away from here. 

I am totally lost.  How can I be expected to concentrate when the defense attorney is such a FOX?

If I were the judge, I'd run this courtroom MY WAY.

I wonder if her tan is genetic.  How else do you get that dark in New York?

Oh yeah . . . she's gonna be doin' the jailhouse rock before you know it!

I have a headache.

Beer . . . .

That juror is going to be trouble.  Can't wait to see the judge put him in his place!

The police officer brings the defendant into the courtroom through the door behind the witness stand.

Keira leaps to her feet to ready a chair for her cousin.

"Are you all right, Jes?"

The lawyers bustle to get settled while awaiting the judge.

To be continued . . .