Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 5 - The Name


A few days before the christening party, a harried Colette stops dead in her tracks in the middle of doing the dishes and suddenly begins to chuckle.

The chuckling soon escalates into a full-blown fit of laughter.  Diego hastens to the kitchen to find out what has brought this on.

"Oh Diego!" she gasps as she holds her stomach.  "Do you think maybe before we christen the baby we should give her an actual NAME?  I don't think 'Baby' is quite going to do!"

Diego smiles, delighted to see Colette laugh.  She has been very serious since the unexpected visit from his brother.

"Si, mi Corazon," he replies indulgently.  "She needs a name, a real name.  Eet ees likely that we weell always call her 'Baby', but a world leader cannot be named 'The Honorable Baby Rodrigues'."

This sets Colette off in another paroxysm of laughter. 

Once she finally returns to her normal state of calm, she looks at Diego seriously.  "How about 'Carmen'?  I've always loved that name."

Diego muses.  "Carmen Rodrigues.  I like eet. Carmen eet ees!"

And so, Baby actually does get a name!

To be continued . . .