Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

The Lawyers arrive


The courtroom is abuzz on the first day of the much-anticipated murder trial.  Jessy's friends and cousins fill the gallery as excitement runs high throughout the standing-room-only crowd.  Giselle and Gannon, of course, are in the front row along with Jessy's biological father, Connor. 

Colette and Diego have also managed to arrive early enough to secure front row seats, in spite of the unplanned delay in leaving home.

Jessy's "good" aunts, Eugenia and Alexia, console one another.  Alexia is particularly troubled, as Jes is the biological daughter of her "evil twin", Natalia, and that makes her feel responsible, in part, for her niece's unfortunate life.

There is much speculation on the part of the gallery as to the identity of the woman sitting next to Alexia.

"It can't really be the St. Clair girls' grandmother.  None of us has ever actually seen her!"

"Angel, is that your grandmother??"

"Yes! I haven't seen her for years!  I didn't even know she knew about Jes!"

Darryl and Cece are sitting in the back row when he feels a tap on his shoulder.  Looking up, he sees TEK Channel 5's news anchor, Ayumi, hovering frantically over him.

"Darryl!  Do you have your camera with you?"

"Sure.  It's under my chair.  Never go anywhere without it."

"Get it!  Stan just texted me -- he's sick and can't make it.  I need a cameraman . . . NOW!"

Obligingly, Darryl snatches up the camera from under his chair and joins Ayumi at the back of the courtroom.

"This is Ayumi Nakamura reporting from TEKville City Hall, where the much anticipated murder trial of local resident Jessica St. Clair is about to begin."

Suddenly there is a ding from the hallway outside the courtroom and the elevator doors open. 

All heads -- well, almost all heads -- turn to observe the handsome prosecutor as he exits the elevator and crosses to the courtroom doors.

Harmony whispers to Peter, "Isn't that the guy from that big TV trial??  Why would they import a prosecutor?  Are they that determined to convict Jes?"

"Shit.  Kozlowski.  This doesn't look good, 'Zell."

The courtroom buzzes with speculation as famed California prosecutor Lucien Kozlowski makes his way through the gallery.

The elevator door dings again as the crowd watches Lucien take his seat, and this time when the doors slide open a lovely young woman is revealed.

Ever the gentleman, Francisco jumps to open the courtroom doors for her.

"Diego!  It's my cousin, Keira, from New York.  If anyone can get Jes off, it's Keira!"

Diego, however, is thinking about getting his lovely wife off.

"So this is our sister Olivia's daughter!  She's a credit to the St. Clair name, becoming a lawyer.  But Genie -- is she any GOOD?"

"Harley, she's gorgeous!  Who is she?  She looks like Colleen!"

"I sure hope she's as good as the reputation that precedes her."

"Miss St. Clair!  Ayumi Nakamura, TEK Channel 5.  May I ask you a couple of questions?"

Keira brushes past the reporter, more pressing business at hand than giving TV interviews.


All eyes -- with a couple of key exceptions -- follow Keira as she moves to join Lucien at the front of the courtroom.

To be continued . . .