Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 4 - Jenna


The next morning Jenna showers and dresses and heads for the NY, written directions from Jerri in hand.

When she arrives, she finds two men in deep conversation at the bar and waits for an opening.

She clears her throat when there is a pause in the conversation, and both men turn to look at her inquiringly.

The hunky black man rises.  "Sorry, miss," he says in a low, musical voice.  "We're not open yet."

"Oh, I know.  I . . . I was told that you're looking for a waitress, and i . . . I've come to apply."

The man turns and approaches, making Jenna all fluttery inside.

"I don't think I recognize you.  Are you new in town?"

"Yes, I . . . I just arrived yesterday.  My name's Jenna.  I love your place!"

Darius smiles and holds out his hand.  "I'm Darius, the owner, and I thank you.  This is Kendall, who bartends for me on occasion.  Yes, the bar has become a very popular place over the past few months and we really can't expect our customers to continue to have to get their own drinks from the bar.  Do you have any experience?"

"Yes, I waitressed while I was in college.  I'm good at it!  You won't be sorry if you hire me, I promise."

"Well, we've had the job posted for quite a while and you're the first to apply, so I'm willing to give you a chance.  Can you start tonight?"

"Why . . . yes, I guess I can!  Thank you, Darius!"

They discuss the details and Jenna flits out the door, eager to tell her sister and friends that she has landed a job.

Darius and Kendall smile after her, enjoying the view, then turn and resume their conversation.


"Dani!  I got the job!"

Dani looks up disinterestedly.  "Good for you, Jenna.  Now hush -- this is the exciting part."

She returns her attention to the television.  Jenna rolls her eyes in exasperation, unsure why she expected anything else.

"Dani, you really have to find a job.  We're not going to support you, and Jerri's patience will only go so far.  You may actually find yourself on the street and it won't be a joke!  Promise me that you'll look tomorrow."

Sigh. "OK, OK.  I'll go out tomorrow and see what I can find."


That evening Jenna gets her first taste of the NY when it is fully packed.  Shepherds Pie is playing and the bar is hopping.

Darius watches critically from his usual corner and is pleased to see that Jenna is handling things very well.

She has just the right attitude with the customers, bantering with them good-naturedly while not encouraging liberties.  He notes smiles on many faces as she efficiently fields orders and drink deliveries without a single sign of frustration.  He is pleased that his spur-of-the-moment decision to hire her appears to have been a good gut reaction.  Coco approves as well, having heard the story from Darius and having watched the newbie with interest.

"I think you've got a keeper there, Darius."

"I hope so, baby.  Having her here will enable me to spend more time with you."  With his free hand he traces a line down her back, stopping just south of her waistband and sending chills radiating throughout her body.  She closes her eyes and draws a ragged breath.

"Stop that or you'll be spending time naked with me right here on this bar."

"Later," Darius says with a promise in his tone, and Coco's knees go weak, knowing that he is completely serious.

To be continued . . .