Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

The Defense

The wheels of Lady Justice move quickly when there has been a full confession.  Coco and Colleen have convinced Jes to hire their mutual cousin, Keira, a high-powered New York defense attorney, to represent her.  Keira meets with Jes the day after New Year's Day and convinces her to plead self defense.  They spend hours together during the next several days going over the details of the years of abuse Jes and Giselle endured at the hands of their foster father.

"Jes, trust me.  Self defense is the only way to go.  You WERE defending yourself.  I know we've only just met, but I have a really good sense of what you're all about, and I KNOW this wasn't a random act of violence."

"But cousin, you've got to TALK to me.  I can't help you if you won't open up.  Come on, Jes.  From the beginning, okay?"

Finally, a couple of days later, Jes begins to tell the story of her life.  Quietly and without emotion she relates how she was abandoned as an infant, shuffled off to a series of unfortunate foster home situations, and finally ended up in the clutches of Noah Fuller.  The entire story that she swore she would never tell a living soul gradually spills out -- how she and her foster sister Giselle were abducted and abused in every way by the man who insisted that they call him "Daddy", and eventually, how it all ended.

Keira is sickened by the thought of what her newfound cousin has endured, but she knows that in order to help Jes effectively she must put aside her revulsion and focus on the facts.

"Why do you doubt yourself?  What you did was the truest form of self defense!  If you'll do exactly as I tell you to do, you'll be acquitted. No question."

Still passive, Jes agrees, then seems to slip back into the other world in which she has been living since her arrest.

After several days of strategizing and going over every minute detail of Jessy's life, her passivity finally cracks.

"Why ME??  Why, Keira?  Look at you!  We're the same age and even look the same -- yet you lived a privileged life, went to law school, and have a promising career.  I, on the other hand, was tossed to the garbage heap and have faced nothing but adversity!  Why ME???"

Keira is unable to answer.  There is never an answer to the "Why me?" question.  But she knows that it's very important for Jes to get this out of her system now, so she stands quietly while Jessy's anger runs its course.

Once Jessy's tirade and pacing begin to slow, Keira once again takes charge.

"Sit, Jes.  Calm yourself.  Let's get back to work.  We've got a defense to plan!"