Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 3 - The Pool Hall


Preparations for the christening party continue, even under the cloud of Diego's brother's unexpected appearance.

Meanwhile, Vasquez does not remain idle.  He finds the pool hall to be a hangout to his liking and there he keeps company with the likes of Van (the bass player for Shepherds Pie), Harley, and some of their less savory acquaintances.

Jes -- noticeably different since her breakup with Thane -- continues to avoid the NY like the plague, knowing that chances are excellent of her seeing Thane and his flame-haired lover there together.  The only other hangouts in TEKville are the posh uptown bar -- totally not her style -- and the pool hall.  Her friends have noticed the disturbing change in her mode of dress and her avoidance of any of the places she used to frequent, and they are concerned.  They know, however, that it is going to take her some time to get over Thane, and they do not express their concerns except to one another.

One night as she enters the pool hall, she spots a stranger who does not look like he belongs in TEKville. 

Intrigued, she makes her way toward him.  His attention is caught by her approach and he looks her up and down, a low whistle emanating from his pursed lips.  You can almost see him begin to salivate.

"Mamaceetah!" he says, approvingly.  A smile quirks the corners of her lips.

She thrusts out her hand, almost unnoticed by Vasquez because he is staring at her chest.

"Hi, I'm Jes.  New around here, aren't you?"

He takes her outstretched hand between his and strokes it sensually.

"Si.  But I can see that I weell be spendeeng a lot more time here.  My name is Vasquez.  May I buy you a dreenk?"

"Sure.  I'll have a Corona.  Are you up next?"  She inclines her head toward the pool table and gestures with her free hand.

"Si.  Weell you join me?"

"Yeah.  I'd like that."

"While we wait, let us get you that dreenk."

Vasquez guides Jes possessively to the bar, where they settle on adjacent stools. 


Tank looks disapprovingly at Jes as he fetches a Corona and sets it in front of her but says nothing.

Jes takes a long draw, then faces Vasquez.  "So then.  Tell me about yourself, Vasquez."

He shrugs.  "There is leetle to tell.  I am from Puerto Rico.  I am here veeseteeng relateeves, but I am theenkeeng that thees would be a good place to leeve.  And what about you, Mamaceetah?"

"Also little to tell.  I grew up . . . all over the place, really.  I came here a couple of years ago . . . also to 'visit relatives', and I just stayed." 

She glances over his shoulder and inclines her head. 

"I think your turn is up."

Vasquez reluctantly tears his eyes from Jessy's face and glances at the pool table.

"Si, pretty lady."

They move to the table. 

"Weell you break?"


Vasquez's gaze grows nakedly lustful as he eyes Jessy's well-shaped rump during her first shot. 

I knew I was going to like eet here, he thinks to himself.

His game suffers because of his inability to focus on anything but Jessy's curves, but he still outshoots her.  He offers to help with a particularly tricky shot, and when he bends and covers her in what feels like a lover's embrace, he knows that she cannot help but feel the evidence of his excitement against her backside.

When she has taken her shot, she turns to face Vasquez, their bodies mere inches apart.  Fully aware of her effect on him and made reckless by the emptiness in her heart left by Thane's betrayal, she gives him a level look and inclines her head a mere fraction in the direction of the back door, the look in her eyes as clear as an engraved invitation.

Vasquez's eyes glaze with lust and he smiles his acceptance.

Moments later . . .

(To be continued)