Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Page 2 - The Interrogation

Later, in the interrogation room, the entire sordid tale spills out.  

In a voice devoid of emotion Jes recounts her life story -- how she was abandoned by her birth mother, farmed out to countless foster homes, and finally landed in the home of Noah Fuller.  How she and her foster sister were abducted by the deceased, who kept them constantly on the move to avoid apprehension.  How they were regularly raped by the man who forced them to call him "daddy".  How they were mentally and emotionally abused along with the physical abuse, sometimes locked in dark rooms for days and weeks at a time, sometimes beaten, always made to believe that they were worthless and that nobody would know or care if they died.  How, on her 18th birthday, she managed to work one hand loose from the rope that bound her to her bed and shoot her foster father in the chest with his own gun as he hovered over her, leering as he unzipped his pants.  How she worked at the other knot and finally got it untied, then rescued her foster sister.  How they fled from the home in which they had been held against their will and found work -- the only work for which they were suited -- in the city.  How at first they made just enough to survive, but how, eventually as they became more skilled, they amassed enough funds to live comfortably.  How Jes hired a private investigator and spent months trying to locate her birth mother with the intention of exacting revenge.  How she eventually moved to TEKville, believing that she had found that mother, and how her life completely turned around once she discovered her family and found out the truth about her birth.

Throughout the whole saga Jes remains detached and emotionless, but the looks exchanged by her interrogators indicate that they are not untouched by the horror of the tale being told by this lovely and self-possessed young woman.

The only flash of emotion that cracks her stoic facade occurs when they ask about Giselle.  Her eyes flare and her agitation is evident in her voice when she insists that Giselle had nothing whatsoever to do with the shooting but was, in fact, locked in her own room when it occurred.

Detective Joseph hands Jes a notebook and a pencil and instructs her to write everything down.

It takes her quite some time as there is a lot of story to tell.

When she finally finishes she pushes the pad away and drops her head into her hands.

Soon afterwards a police officer leads Jes away, locking her in a cell where she sits motionless, staring without expression at the gray concrete wall.

To be continued . . .