Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

CSI Willows


Lucien calls CSI Catherine Willows to the stand.

"Miss Willows, you were the CSI on the scene of the crime in July of 2005, were you not?"

"That is correct."

Lucien goes on to ask the CSI several pertinent questions about the crime scene . . .

. . . to which Miss Willows responds with animation and with a straightforward appraisal of the prosecutor's charms.

"Please describe for the court the angle at which the bullet entered the deceased's body."

"From the angle of entry and the obvious location of the shooting, it was apparent that the shooter was lying on the bed and the deceased was above the shooter.  The gunshot residue indicates that the shot was fired from near point-blank range."

"No more questions."

Keira approaches the witness stand.

I feel sick to my stomach!  Reliving everything that happened that night is almost worse than . . .

As Keira's line of questioning becomes more and more aggressive, Lucien consults his notes.  His co-counsel nudges him and hands him an index card.

Keira continues to press her point with Miss Willows.

Suddenly Lucien is on his feet.

"Objection!  Badgering the witness!"

Keira's body language is designed to convey her impatience with the prosecutor's tactics.

"I think you've made your point.  Please move on, Miss St. Clair."

"And how long have you been a CSI, Miss Willows?"

"More years than you've been an attorney, Ms. St. Clair."

"I am merely attempting to ascertain your level of expertise at the time of the crime, Miss Willows."

"Stop right there.  I am VERY good at what I do, Ms. St. Clair.  Regardless of how long I had been doing my job at the time of the crime, I assure you that I did not make any mistakes."

"No more questions!"

As Miss Willows steps down from the witness stand, she shoots a look at the prosecutor that is a blatant invitation.

Lucien's attempt to feign indifference falls somewhat short of success.

"It'll be OK, Jes.  Trust me."

To be continued . . .