Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Interlude:  New Year's Day at the Bungalow

Jessy's incarceration put a definite damper on the Christmas celebrations in TEKville, especially for her cousins Coco and Colleen and her friend and former foster sister, Giselle.  Determined to make the best of a very unfortunate situation, Coco plans a big dinner for New Year's Day.

On the day before New Year's Day, Coco does her shopping early in the morning so as not to disturb her roommates. .


As she carries her coat to the hall closet, she pauses to straighten the nutcracker on the mantel and notes that one of her favorite photos is crooked yet again.

Early the next morning, Coco is up and in the kitchen already, wearing her chef's jacket to keep her clothing clean.  She stands for a moment, considering where to begin.

The most critical thing, of course, is to get the turkey into the oven.  It's a large one, and it's going to take several hours to roast.

Once the turkey is in the oven, pies are next on the agenda.  Coco has several pie recipes, some of which have been passed down by generations of St. Clair women and some of which she is eager to attempt for the first time.

She sits at the table and peels apples for the first pie, going over and over in her mind the charges against Jes.  Their cousin Keira should have arrived in town by now and should hopefully be stopping by later.  Her arrival has made Coco slightly less anxious about the trial, but the charges are serious and there is no denying the possibility that Jes could be convicted.

Coco simmers the apple mixture for the first pie, careful not to turn the burner too high.

While that mixture simmers, Coco slices up another batch of apples for a second pie.

With two pies in the oven along with the turkey, Coco turns her attention to the cake she has planned.  They all missed Christmas due to Jessy's situation, and she is determined that they make the best of this holiday. 

She carefully frosts the Christmas-themed cake once it comes out of the oven.

Coco smiles to herself as she sets the fresh-from-the-oven pies on the table next to the newly decorated cake, thinking that perhaps she has overdone it just a little bit as there will only be seven of them for dinner.

Setting the pies on the cupboard next to the refrigerator to cool, Coco turns her attention to her "gingerbread tree".  She carefully hangs newly frosted gingerbread cookies on the little ceramic tree that her grandmother gave her when she was a young girl.

"Darius?  Will you be here soon?  Please don't forget to bring the wine!"

"Yo, Coco!  The booze has arrived."

"Oh, Darius!  I'm so happy to see you!  I've been slaving away in this hot kitchen all by myself since six o'clock this morning!"

This unexpectedly amorous greeting along with the interesting night he had gives Darius ideas.  He sets the bag of liquor aside to free up his hands . . . . . .