Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Movie Night at the Bungalow


One Saturday, a few weeks (in TEKworld time) after Jessy's breakup with Thane, Coco is at her desk in the bungalow living room, working on her laptop. 


"'Sup, Zell?"

"I'm worried about Jes.  She just hasn't been herself since she broke up with Thane.  I've been thinking . . . "
"What if we invite some friends over and have a movie night?  I think it would do her good to get out of her room for a while."
"Zellie, that is a stellar idea!  I have some Japanese pizza recipes I've been dying to try out.  Let's make some phone calls."
Both girls whip out their cell phones and start making calls.




That evening:
Colleen gets drinks from the kitchen, Giselle sets the fruit and vegetable platters on the coffee table, and Coco greets their guests.
"This is Eden.  I've gotten to know her at the NY and thought it would be good to have someone new here.  It might be a welcome distraction for Jes."
"Great idea, Yummy!  Welcome, Eden!  I'm so glad Ayumi brought you along."
Everyone gets settled, and they dig into the appetizers.
"Here, Rachel.  I know how much you love mushrooms."
"AARRGGHHH!  Get that thing away from me!  You know very well I'm allergic to them!"
"Coco, the veggie and fruit platters are fabulous!  You've outdone yourself."
"Actually, Giselle put them together!  She's becoming quite the little Martha Stewart."
 "So, what's new with you, Rachel?  Still dating Diego's cousin?"
"Yes.  Francisco is wonderful.  I'm so lucky that he is persistent!"

 "I think I've seen Francisco at the NY.  He's hot!"
"He IS hot!  But he's a one-woman man . . . right, Rach?"
Finally, Jes comes downstairs. 
"Hey, sweetie.  We saved you a place."
"Thanks, Coco.  I'll just sit over here."
"Jes, we have guests.  You need to make an attempt to be sociable."
Jes is persuaded to sit on the couch, and Rachel takes her place in the office chair.
Hershey is not normally allowed on the furniture, but the girls make allowances for Jes, as the dog's presence seems to help.
"OK, girls, what's it going to be?  We've got 'I Love Lucy', 'Benny Hill', 'Arabesque', 'Home Alone 2' . . . and 'Pretty Woman'."
"Pretty Woman!"  "Pretty Woman!"
"Pretty Woman.  What else?"
"YAY!  Pretty Woman!"
"Pretty Woman it is!"
Coco puts in the movie.
 The girls settle in to watch the movie, obviously one of their favorites.
Partway through the movie, a "ding!" is heard from the kitchen.  Coco raises the remote and pauses the movie.
She heads for the kitchen to retrieve the pizzas she spent the afternoon putting together.
Everyone digs in.
"Forget it, Hershey!  Zellie, is that clam pizza???"
"Coco, this is wonderful!  Thank you for making one normal pizza!"
"Who would have thought to put salmon and asparagus on a PIZZA!?"
"Don't even THINK about it, Ivy."
"Grated cheese, anyone?"
Once the pizza is consumed and the leftovers put away, the girls resume watching the movie.
"Oh, I feel so bad for her in this scene!"
"Jason Alexander plays such a slimeball!  But Richard Gere . . . OMG . . ."
"I love this part!"
  "THIS is MY favorite scene!"
"I SO want that dress!"
 Giselle: "The scene in the elevator is priceless.  Love that elevator operator!"
Coco:  "The bathtub scene is SO hot!  Whew!  Is it just me, or is it really warm in here?"
  "Oh God, I just can't take it.  This part is SO sad!"
Coco jumps up to comfort Jes, clicking off the movie as she rises.
"Oh, honey . . . this movie was a mistake!  I'm so sorry."
Everyone realizes that their choice of movie might have been just a little insensitive.
Hershey is kicked off the couch to make room for Coco.  Jes pulls herself together.  Different videos are chosen, laughter ensues, and the night ends without further angst.
The End.