Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Interlude, page 7:  Keira

"Ummm . . . excuse me?  Coco?  Colleen?"

"I'm sorry!  I parked in the driveway and the back door was closer . . ."

"Omigosh!  Keira!  Welcome to TEKville!"

"Someone needs to check on the woman -- I assume it's Jessy's friend Giselle? -- in the kitchen."

As Gannon hurries to the kitchen, the others greet Keira, whom Coco and Colleen have not seen since they were teenagers.


They waste no time returning to the kitchen to check on Giselle.  Once there, Coco and Colleen rush to assist Gannon while Keira stands back, taking it all in.

Unable to awaken Giselle, Gannon picks her up and tosses her over his shoulder, carrying her off to put her to bed.

"It's so nice to see you again, Coco.  You're just as beautiful as ever!"

Darius looks on in appreciation of the two women, so much alike, embracing.  If the truth be told, his thoughts are not entirely appropriate as he watches them together.

"Giselle will be OK, babe.  You should greet your cousin."

"Hi, Collie.  Still the wild one, I see."

Darius and Peter share the same impure thoughts.

Coco knows men very well.  Without even looking, she suggests "Colleen, introduce Keira to the guys."

"Keira, these are our friends Darius and Peter."

Darius, quite taken with this new cousin, takes her hand in both of his, and in his low, melodious voice says "Hello, Keira.  It's a very intense pleasure to meet you."

Coco, very familiar with Darius's flirtatious manner, once again doesn't even bother to look up as she says "Darius, it's not polite to flirt with another woman in your girlfriend's presence.  Cut it out."

She smiles as she turns to face the rest of the group.

"I think we're about ready to eat.  Time for my recruits to spring into action!"

"Colleen, can you and Keira set the table?  Peter, please get the turkey out of the oven.  Darius, can you find my wine glass, and bring another couple of bottles to the table?"

They all jump to comply, eager to contribute in some small way to the feast Coco has prepared.

A flurry of activity ensues as Coco puts the final touches on the meal.

Finally, they all sit down to enjoy the meal.

"Let's drink a toast to Jessy's acquittal!"

"I'll go see her tomorrow.  Hopefully we can work out a good defense.  For now, let's concentrate on this wonderful meal.  Thank you, Coco, for inviting me to share in it with you."

The End . . . of this little interlude.