Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Jessy's Baby


Hoping that she is timing her entry just right, Jes slips into the NY one evening at the time she would normally expect the band to be taking a break.

She attempts to be inconspicuous, but her girth coupled with the fact that few TEKvillians have seen her in months makes that impossible.  All eyes follow her as she crosses the bar, scouting ahead carefully to make sure that Morgan isn't in attendance this evening.

The LAST damn thing I need is to run into Thane's redhaired "soul mate" tonight!

She pauses in the doorway of Darius's new addition to the NY and is relieved to see Thane sitting alone in one of the new booths.

She approaches quietly and with trepidation, dreading the inevitable scene to come.

She stands near Thane's table, waiting wordlessly for him to notice her, and steeling herself against the expression on his face that is bound to follow.

Sensing her presence, Thane glances up from his magazine, and as he takes in Jes's appearance, his initial incredulity is followed by something less definable.

He closes his magazine and motions for Jes to join him.

This proves to be more difficult than it sounds, as Jessy's size makes movements awkward and cumbersome.  She wedges herself into the booth, still mute, the pain in her eyes at war with her determination to carry out her intent.  She gazes levelly at her former lover.

"So.  The tattooed lad, aye?"

Jes doesn't have a chance to reply; impulsively Thane reaches across the table to touch her hand. "Jes . . . . I get it.  I ken how you'd be attracted to him, as much as he favors Gannon, but . . . is he . . . is he really 'father' material?"

Jes smiles a private smile, thinking of Vasquez and his delight in baby Carmen.  The smile quickly fades as she is brought back to the moment by Thane's concerned expression.  Gently she shakes her head, meeting Thane's eyes squarely.

"Not Vasquez."

Thane is bewildered.  "Not . . . but. . . ."  He searches Jes's face.  Her gaze does not waver.

"Thane, do you remember the day Vasquez took the baby?  The meadow in the woods behind Colette and Diego's garden?"

Thane blinks.  Blinks again.  Then the synapses in his brain finally fire and allow reality to seep in.

He covers his face with his hands.  "No.  Oh, no.  Oh God."

Much as she yearns to reach out and touch him, she keeps a stern grip on her emotions.


Her calm voice is a beacon in the darkness of his despair and he uncovers his face to meet her eyes.

"Thane, I have no desire to cause you pain or to complicate your life. I just thought . . . I thought you deserved to know. I don't need anything from you, at least not now. You know my history, and I'm sure you'll understand why I finally came to realize that I couldn't keep his from you."

Words fail the stunned Thane.  He nods jerkily.

Jes begins the cumbersome process of sliding out of the booth.

Thane seems rooted to the spot, unable to move or speak.  His tortured eyes follow her movements.  As she struggles with her bulk, however, he instinctively reaches out to her.  She flinches, but says nothing.

She simply looks him in the eye and shakes her head ever so slightly as she finally leverages her belly out from behind the table.

She picks up her purse, pauses for a second as the pain in Thane's eyes is mirrored in her own, then turns and walks away, surprisingly graceful for all of her bulk.

Curious eyes watch her departure and then return to Thane.  Their conversation had taken place quietly, and everyone in the bar is dying to know what it was all about.

Gannon, who had -- unnoticed by Thane -- followed Jes into the bar, walks over and puts a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"You OK, man?"

Thane still hasn't found his voice and stares mutely at Gannon.

 His bewildered expression tugs at Gannon's heart, but Gannon is nothing if not practical.  He slides into the booth so recently vacated by the woman who had once been his lover as well.

"Look, I'm not going to sugar coat this with any tired old platitudes.  You made a mistake -- both of you -- and you both have to live with the result.  It's going to take some time for you to get used to the idea of being a father.  If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you."

Knowing that Thane is still reeling from this bombshell and needs time to absorb it, Gannon rises.  He squeezes Thane's shoulder and makes his departure, following Jes back to the bungalow to make sure that she is OK.