Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Home at Last

They load Jessy into the car, silent and quiescent.  As she buckles her seat belt, Giselle shoots a concerned look at Gannon.

Gannon can only shrug helplessly.

Jes rides silently all the way home to the bungalow.

The stricken look does not leave her face as her friends carefully settle her onto the couch, allowing Hershey on the furniture this once in the hope that his presence will provide the calming influence that Jes needs.

Sensing her need to be alone, Giselle and Gannon go to the kitchen to fetch Jes a glass of water.

"What in the hell?" asks Gannon as soon as they are alone.

"Oh, Gannon!" begins Giselle.  "I can't believe this, after all she's been through!  Gannon . . . she's pregnant!"

"She's . . . oh God."  The implications hit Gannon like a brick as he reaches the logical conclusion.

"Oh God.  Vasquez."

Giselle shakes her head sadly.  "Not Vasquez.  Thane."

Gannon jerks his eyes back to Giselle in astonishment.

"Thane???  But . . . .?"

"She didn't elaborate, but it seems they 'made a mistake' at some point in the not-too-distant past."

"Christ.  Thane."

"Exactly.  Thane is with Morgan now.  He's not going to want to be involved in raising some other woman's child!  Oh Gannon, what is she going to do?"

Gannon gazes steadily at Giselle, waiting for her to realize the obvious solution.

"No!  Oh Gannon, no!  She couldn't!  She wouldn't!  She doesn't believe in it!"

"Well, there's always adoption . . ."

"Oh, no.  No way.  Not after . . . . Gannon, think.  After what happened to Jes and me, how could you think she would ever risk turning a child over to complete strangers?"

"Well, we'll come up with something.  She'll have our support regardless of her decision, and I'm sure her cousins will be very supportive as well.  Now, let's get her that glass of water."

"But first . . ."

When they return to the living room moments later, they find that Jes has finally fallen into an exhausted sleep, arm flung around Hershey.

Not wanting to leave her alone, but not wanting to disturb her much-needed rest, they have only two options -- the kitchen or the bedroom.  Their eyes meet.

No words are exchanged, but a slight triumphant smile tilts the corners of Giselle's perfect mouth as they turn as one and head up the stairs toward the bedroom.