Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls



In an outbuilding on a Scottish estate . . .
A beautiful red-haired woman enters and watches him dispassionately for a moment.
"Duncan.  Ye ken that sittin' here broodin' willna bring her back, aye?"
Duncan Campbell raises his head, pain obvious in his expression as he looks at his wife.
"Aye.  I still canna believe she got the slip on the lads I sent to watch her!  I fear she willna come back.  Ever."
"Gi' the lass some time, Duncan.  She'll no' stay away forever.  This is her home."

"'Tis my fault, wife.  But seein' her . . . like that . . . wi' that Thane lad . . . I juice snapped."  He pauses.  "She's gone to be wi' him, aye?"
Heather sits next to her husband, pointedly leaving space between them.
"Aye, I fear you've got the right of it."  She sighs.
They sit in uncomfortable silence for several minutes, each lost in sorrow over the defection of their beloved only daughter and each wondering what he or she could have done differently. 
Heather glances sidelong at her husband.
"I ken you canna leave the Highlands now, Duncan.  But I donna have that restriction.  I could go to her . . ."
Duncan's head jerks up and he looks at his wife with hope in his eyes.
"Aye.  Aye!  Go, wife!  Find Morgan.  Bring her back -- wi' the lad if ye must, but bring her back."
Heather knows that if her daughter found Thane, she can find him as well, and in due course she tracks them both down and arrives in TEKville, checking in -- like so many before her -- at TEK Hotel.
Once unpacked, she paces, lost in thought.
How best to approach this?  she ponders.  I must be careful, lest I scare the lass.  I juice donna want her to run again!
Heather makes some discreet inquiries at the front desk and settles on a course of action. 
The concierge has provided the names of local venues for live entertainment, and one seems like the most likely place to begin.
That night the NY is hopping. 
Shepherds Pie is in rare form.  The new drummer is working out well, and Thane, for once, seems to have overcome his tendency to lose focus on his music and is spot on with every chord.  Many of the usual faces can be seen in the appreciative crowd.
No one takes notice of the beautiful redhead that enters the bar quietly during the band's second set.
She takes a seat at the bar as she studies the band, then shifts her gaze toward the tables near the stage.
As expected, her daughter's glorious hair shines like a beacon. 
She smiles fondly.  Ah, 'tis so good to see the lass again!
"Hi.  You are new here, yes?"
Thinking to herself "Lad, you donna know what you're doing!  I'm old enough tae be your mother!" she replies more politely, "Aye.  'Tis my first day in your lovely town."
"May I buy you a drink?"
"Nay, but my thanks, lad.  I'm juice here lookin' for someone."
Heather studies her daughter's face as Morgan turns to whisper something to the handsome lad sitting next to her. 
She looks happy.  'Tis a good thing.  All she has ever wanted is that lad on the stage.  She shakes her head.  Duncan was a fool to send him awa'.  Duncan is more the fool every day.  I ken why he reacted as he did -- it must have been a raw shock to see her wi' the lad like that -- but he should have known she would find a way.  She has always been determined, my bonny lass.
The stranger at the bar continues to stare at Heather, who is oblivious to his attention as she focuses on Morgan.
Heather waits until the band takes a break, then rises to go confront her daughter.  As Thane parts the curtain on his way backstage, Heather witnesses a tender moment between him and Morgan.
She moves slowly toward the stage as Morgan turns toward Peter and makes a comment.
Morgan rises, intending to take advantage of the band's break to visit the ladies room, and comes face to face with Heather.
"Mathair!" she gasps, in her surprise reverting to her native Gaelic.  "What . . . how . . .?  Her eyes dart frantically, looking for an escape route.
"Morgan, lass."  Heather puts her hands gently on her daughter's shoulders. 
"Donna run.  He isna here.  I've come alone."
Morgan relaxes slightly but remains wary.  "Why have you come, Mother?  I willna go back!"
Heather sighs.  "I ken, daughter.  He thinks I'll be draggin' ye back to the Highlands.  It willna happen, I ken.  Ye willna go without the lad, aye?  And the lad willna submit himself to more abuse from your da.  'Tis a sad thing, but I ken, lass."
Morgan stares at her mother in confusion.  "But . . . if you ken . . . Mathair, why did you come?"
Heather sighs again.  "He doesna ken, but I willna go back either.  I've left him, Morgan.  I canna live wi' your faither.  I canna take the abuse, any more than your braw laddie can."
Morgan is struck dumb.  For several heartbeats she is unable to speak as she absorbs this shocking information and simply stares, open-mouthed, at her mother.
Finally she shrieks with glee and throws her arms around her mother.  "Oh, ma!  I'm so verra happy!  I have missed you so much!"
Those sitting close enough to have witnessed this exchange begin to applaud, smiling in delight.
Morgan flushes with embarrassment and turns toward them.  "Everyone, 'tis my mother, as if you hadna reached that conclusion on your own.  Ma . . . these are my friends."
Mother, is it.  That explains a lot.
Morgan introduces her friends one by one, and they are universally charmed by Heather's beauty, her accent, and the air of elegance she projects.  Soon she is chatting happily with her daughter's friends as Morgan slips behind the stage curtain to fill Thane in on this latest development.
Morgan does not often come backstage during the band's performance, so Thane is surprised when he sees her slip through the curtain, her eyes seeking him out. 
He notes the odd expression on her face and crosses the room immediately, remembering their first embrace in this very spot after Morgan first arrived from Scotland.
With that memory vivid in his mind, he gathers her into his arms as he did on that day.  This time there are no tears and no hysterics.
Morgan returns his kiss warmly, then draws back to look him full in the face, clutching his vest tightly to forestall any precipitous attempt on his part to escape.
"Thane, listen to me.  Mathair is here." 
He jerks reflexively but the calm emanating from Morgan reassures him.
"She isna here to take me back.  In fact, she willna go back.  She has left my faither, Thane."
Thane's initial shock echoes hers.  "Left him?  Left Duncan Campbell?  Lass, people donna leave Duncan Campbell unless Duncan Campbell wishes them to leave."
"She isna juice any 'people', Thane.  Remember, she is a clan chief's daughter herself.  Alistair Cameron willna allow anythin' untoward to happen to her.  There are many Camerons in this country, and not all have forgotten their Highland roots, aye?  She will be safe here."
Thane, the memory of the beating he took at the hands of Duncan Campbell's men still sharp, looks skeptical but does not express his doubts.
"Well, then.  Where is she, the woman who bequeathed you her great beauty?"  He smiles indulgently at his beloved, and she returns his smile with one that makes him go weak in the knees.
"Come, Thane!  She isna any more patient than her daughter when it comes to braw, strapping lads like yourself.  She canna wait to see you again!"
Morgan drags Thane through the curtain and back into the bar, where he renews his acquaintance with her lovely mother.
Heather has officially arrived in TEKville.
The End