Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Interlude, page 5:  Giselle and Gannon arrive

"You two look like crap."  Coco smiles wickedly.

"Funny, Coco.  Where's the wine?"

Gannon gives a brief shake of the head to let Coco know that now might not be the best time to tease Giselle.

"Come on in! Grab some appetizers.  Gannon, the guys are in the living room.  I don't think you've missed much of the game.  Grab a bottle and take it with you -- they probably need more by now."

Giselle grabs a random bottle of red while Gannon spends a little more time perusing the selection.

"Gannon . . . ."

"Before you escape, could you open this for me, please?"

"Sure, 'Zell.  No problem."

After Gannon obliges and flees to the living room, Giselle fills her glass to the brim . . .

And tosses it down as if it were a jello shot.

"Zellie, have you eaten today?  You might want to slow down on the wine until you have something in your stomach."

"Try some of Colleen's veggie dip.  It's every bit as good as mine!"

Ignoring them both, Giselle refills her glass . . .

And proceeds to down it as quickly as the first.

"Oh honey.  Seriously, you need to slow it down."

"Coco, if everything's under control here in the kitchen, I think we should join the guys."

Colleen and Coco exchange pointed glances as they stand and gather up the appetizer trays, but Giselle makes no move to follow them.

Instead, apparently completely bent upon becoming obliterated, Giselle pours herself another glass.