Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Day 3 - The Verdict

Jes is returned to her cell, where she sits despondently, positive that her cousin is wrong and that the jury will find her guilty.

Her nerves are so on edge that she finds herself being violently ill.

After only a couple of hours, everyone is called back to the courtroom with the news that the verdict is in.  All eyes are on the jury as the judge confirms that their deliberations have been successful.

Keira reaches for Jessy's hand to offer her support.

The jury foreperson eagerly awaits her opportunity to share their decision.

As the clerk walks in her direction, she shoots a regretful look at the prosecutor.

The clerk takes the jury's verdict from Mitzi.

. . . And hands it to the judge.

The judge silently reads the verdict, allowing no hint of emotion to cross his face.

He hands the paper back to the clerk, who delivers it back to Mitzi.

Mitzi stands to read the verdict aloud for the rest of the courtroom.

"The jury finds the defendant . . ."

To be continued . . .