Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Day 3

On the morning of the third day of the trial, heat has been restored in the courtroom and everyone is preparing for the attorneys to make their closing statements.

OMG, he is even hotter in that suit than he was in the last two!

"Trust me, Jes, you don't have anything to worry about.  I have the jury eating out of my hands."

"I'm a little apprehensive about this one, Cochran.  The jury is entirely too sympathetic."

"Even with this enormous box of evidence supporting her guilt, I agree.  This is a tricky one."

Judge Kenobi surveys his courtroom as everyone settles down and waits expectantly for him to signal the beginning of the day's proceedings.

"The court wishes to thank you for your forebearance regarding our heating issue, which seems to have been resolved.  We will now resume hearing arguments in 'the People vs. Jessica St. Clair'."

The judge looks over the jury and suppresses an amused smile at the appearance of Juror #7.

Lucien begins his closing arguments.

The jurors pay close attention, but the most attentive of them is the lovely foreperson.  She takes her position seriously and has taken copious notes.

The jury members are not the only ones paying close attention to Lucien.

Lucien, as always, is very eloquent -- and very persuasive.

He lays it on thick, trying to portray Jes as a hardened prostitute and criminal.

Jes sits quietly and remains lost in her memories.

Lucien leans over into the jury box, face to face with the juror he has chosen as the focus of his remarks.

Does this jerk really think I'm going to fall for this?  Think again, suit boy.

Ayumi quietly whispers a running commentary, which is being broadcast live over TEK Channel 5.

Keira takes the floor, arguing her client's case every bit as eloquently as Lucien had argued the state's.

The jury -- even juror #7 -- is attentive.

Keira does everything in her considerable power to paint Jes as a helpless victim of circumstance.

Echoing Lucien's tactics, she gets in the jury's face.

Ayumi excitedly reports the details of Keira's closing statement.

When she concludes her closing argument, Keira takes her seat and shoots Jes a confident look.

Judge Kenobi addresses the jury, giving them their instructions.

The jury listens attentively.  It looks like a couple of them are eager to get to the deliberation phase.

The judge releases the jury to their deliberations.

One by one, they file out of the courtroom and head down the hall to the room in which they will be sequestered until they return a verdict.

The bailiff fetches Jes to return her to her cell while the remaining people in the courtroom gather their belongings in preparation for their departure.

As there are no additional cases on the docket for that day, the courtroom is deserted once everyone has left.

To be continued . . .