Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Day 2 - Intro

Day 2 of the trial begins with a brief announcement from the judge.

"The court wishes to thank you all for your flexibility and patience while our staff works to restore heat to the courtroom.  Today's proceedings will continue in spite of the inconvenience."

The judge obviously must be wearing long underwear.

The jury and the gallery make themselves comfortable as the lawyers get organized for the day's testimony and the bailiff brings Jes into the courtroom.

Keira exchanges glances with Giselle, who is in her usual spot in the front row of the gallery.

Lucien searches for a critical document in his briefcase.

John Cochran must think that ice has formed on the courtroom walls.

Jes has had a quiet night of reflection in her cell and seems to have mastered the emotion that marked the previous day's proceedings.

Colette and Diego have taken their usual spots across the aisle from Giselle.

"Cute coat, Meagan.  Been shopping at the vintage store again?  Very 'Audrey'."

"Isn't it classic?  Love the 'beatnik chic' you're sporting as well."

"Look, Dennis . . . it's not in our hands any more.  We've done our jobs.  Now it's in the jury's hands."

"Are you OK, Jes?"  Jes nods absently and moves to take her seat.

As Keira removes her laptop from her case, she and Lucien accidentally brush against one another.

Keira springs back as if she has been touched with a cattle prod.  Lucien also looks up, although the contact was minimal due to the thickness of the garments they wear.

Normally Jes would have been the first to notice and smirk at this little interplay, but she remains locked within herself, thinking only she knows what.

The gallery quiets down as the judge motions to Keira to call her first witness.  The defense had concluded its portion of the trial on the previous day.

The prosecution co-counsel has been persuaded to remove his voluminous coat so the gallery's ability to witness the proceedings won't be compromised.  Keira touches Jes briefly on the shoulder before rising to call her first witness.

"Trust me, Jes.  Everything is going to be fine."

"You may call your first witness, Ms. St. Clair."

To be continued . . .