Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Interlude, page 4:  Colleen & Peter arrive

"Hi guys!  Everything going OK?"

"Colleen!  I'm so glad you're here!  Darius isn't really very comfortable in an apron."  She winks at her sister.

As Peter brings in a tray of appetizers from the garage, Coco whispers to her sister. 

"Sit at the end of the table closest to where Darius is standing.  Trust me."

"Peter!  Nick of time, man, nick of time.  The game starts in 5 minutes!"

"Let me just put these down.  Dude, you're not going to watch the game in that apron, are you?"

"Have you talked to Giselle?  Wasn't she going to stop by and see Jes this morning?"

"Oh, HELL freakin' no!"

"There's one more tray and some wine in the car."

"Coco, thanks for the lesson on appetizer trays.  I didn't want you to have to do everything for this meal."

"I tried to see Jes before I left with the band.  She wouldn't talk to me.  I'm worried, Coco."

"Just put the tray on the table, Peter.  We're going to miss the kick-off if we don't hurry!"

"The team's probably going to lose anyway."

"Fair weather fan!"

"Does this one suit you?"

"Peter!  I swear!  Were you born in a barn?"

"Take the wine, take some appetizers.  Go!  Colleen can help me here."

Before Coco can change her mind, Darius grabs a bottle of red and a plate of Christmas cookies and makes haste to leave the kitchen.

"So when is Giselle supposed to get here?  I understand she spent the night with Gannon last night.  Peter said they were so loud that all of the guys ended up sitting in the lounge at the boarding house all night with the TV turned up."

"Those two!  I do wonder sometimes about our cousin's friend.  She's been living here for a while now, but I still don't think I have her figured out.  She has . . . odd  . . . errrr . . . proclivities."

"I know!  Have you noticed how often she and Gannon . . . ummm . . . do the "horizontal samba" in places and at times where there's a good chance they'll get caught?  Kinky."

Coco blushes, thinking back to just a few minutes ago . . .

At that moment the back door opens and the subjects of their conversation enter, looking exhausted.