Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

At the Bungalow

Days pass.  Jes is still quiet and withdrawn, but she has at least begun to eat again.  The knowledge that there is a child growing in her womb has forced Jes out of the depths of her depression.  Giselle is correct; Jes does not believe in abortion, and adoption is completely out of the question.  She faces the facts.  Thane is lost to her forever, but a part of him will now always be with her.  For now, she focuses on the life within, doing whatever she can to ensure the child's health and well-being, and pushes thoughts of Thane from her mind.

She has, of course, taken Coco and Colleen into her confidence, as they cannot remain long unaware of the changes in her body.  They have, of course, shared this knowledge with their respective partners.  Her cousins, as expected, are completely supportive of her decision to keep the baby, and are excitedly planning changes to the bungalow to accommodate the impending arrival.  Giselle contemplates moving in with Gannon to simplify the situation, but secretly fears that intimacy with him might become routine and boring if they lived together.  She admits to herself that she has a problem, but she is unwilling to seek professional help.  She enjoys the element of danger in their love life and courts it constantly for the excitement it provides.

"Want to go upstairs, Gannon?"

"Zellie, you have guests.  Don't you think that would be a bit rude?"

"They're not MY guests."

"Nonetheless, I think we should stay here and keep an eye on Jes."

"From an architectural standpoint it should work, Coco.  Ranger, you're the builder -- what do you think?"

"Oh, Peter!  I love these colors!  These will work."

Jes is quiet and withdrawn in the presence of so many people.  Her preference is to be alone, but Coco & Colleen have asked her to be involved with the planning.

"If we knock out a couple of walls and bump out the back, that should create ample space."

"I'll have to contact Grandmother to make sure she doesn't have a problem with us knocking out walls.  She does still own the house, after all."

"The band plays tonight at the NY, right?  Let me see what you've got on under there."

In her self-absorption, Jes is barely aware of the conversation going on around her.  The dogs know what she needs and are never far from her side.

Giselle and Gannon watch her carefully.

Everyone's attention is diverted by the sudden involuntary groan from from Peter as Colleen opens her robe.

Much good-natured laughter and ribbing ensues as Peter attempts to cover his physical reaction to Colleen's "gig wear".

"Look all you want!  That's the whole idea.  Darius likes it when I dress this way when we play at the NY -- it usually means a bigger crowd."

Colleen tosses her robe onto Peter.

"Quit staring and give me a ride!"

Everyone chuckles at Peter's discomfort.

Even Jes is roused from her introspection long enough to register amusement at her cousin's actions.

"Bye, guys!  Guess I gotta go!"