Tales from TEKville by TheEvilKaren

Photo stories featuring 1:6 scale dolls

Part 2 - Plans


Promptly at 2:00, Dani arrives at Etsuko’s apartment, looking around in appreciation at the quirky decorating.

Hopefully this gig will give my business the jump start it needs so I can afford something like this instead of sleeping on Jerri’s floor!

Etsuko fetches coffee and pastries while Maile gets another chair, and the three get down to business.  Dani has brought a portfolio, but begins by just opening her notebook, pen in hand.

“OK, let’s start with the basics.  What sort of a venue did you have in mind?  Indoor, outdoor, formal, casual . . .?”

Maile and Etsuko exchange blank looks.

In all of their childhood dreams of their eventual weddings, neither has ever considered the setting. As usual, Maile takes the lead.

“Well, I don’t know that either of us has ever thought much about the actual venue, but we are both from Hawaii and I think I can speak for Etsuko in saying that an outdoor wedding would be beautiful.” 

Etsuko nods.  “Hai.  And Ranger-san would be more comfortable if he didn’t have to wear a tuxedo.” 

Dani and Maile chuckle.  Neither of them knows any men who wouldn’t appreciate not having to wear a tux!

Dani nods.  “OK, outdoors it is.  Were you thinking of a large wedding, or something more intimate?”

Again the girls' eyes meet, neither willing to express an opinion that wouldn’t be shared by the other.

This time Etsuko finally speaks up shyly. “I think a small wedding would be nice.”

Maile nods.  “I know quite a few people in town but I don’t necessarily want to invite everyone I know.  I haven’t really had a chance to get close to many people because Yutaka has taken up most of my time since he arrived.”  She smiles.

Dani makes another note.  “OK, an intimate outdoor wedding.  That’s a good start.  I think I might know the perfect venue but I need to do some checking before I can suggest it officially.”

As the afternoon wears on, they discuss everything from the invitations to the decorations to the cake to the reception.

By the time Dani leaves she has pages of notes and a long list of “to do” items. 

The first thing she does when she returns to Jerri’s basement studio apartment is to place a phone call.

“Mrs. Rodrigues?  I have a question for you . . . .”

To be continued . . .